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Boomchick and Station Wag

“Some people rely on Facebook to tell them what’s going on in town, I am one those people. I have noticed there has been a significant decrease in FB invites coming my way. Summer is slow around here. A few straggled in, but I’ve haven’t seen much since Blockparty.

Last night I had a lull in my schedule and Katelynn posted on Facebook about a show at Luckey’s Club, Station Wag and Boomchick. I have never heard of the bands, I looked them up on the interwebs and both bands seemed to have a solid following. I made it to Luckey’s by soundcheck. I grabbed a beer, Ranier of course and waited for everything to come together.

Boomchick is up first.

I liked this band from the very first riff. They have a great sound and well practiced. I felt there was room for more raw bass riffs. Still, a tight band. Towards the end of the set a guy takes the stage with the band and did a 90s rap-over-heavy guitar set. It was a tight freestyle kinda thing, it worked well.

I was surprised that there wasn’t a big crowd for this band, especially for a band this good and on a Saturday night at Luckey’s.

Station Wag closes the show.

I knew I was going to like this band the moment they took the stage. Maybe it was the big bearded guy on drums or the black-metal styled guitarist with the low slung Les Paul. I really liked this band. The lead vocalist has a such a huge voice and strong stage presence. The two guitarist rip. The bass and drums hold it down. A really good band!

P.S. You can see what we’re up to every day on our Facebook page! Stay in tune and in touch! Hope to see you at a show soon!!

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