Take Care Of Your Christmas Shopping with One Click And Get A FREE Gift For Yourself While You’re At it!

For a limited time, you can get free gifts for yourself when you buy one or more of our albums for a friend or family member for the holidays!

So here’s how this works. When you order one, three, or five copies of our latest album as gifts for others, you will get  bonus gift(s) of equal or greater value! Just click the order link for the package that you would like, and you’ll be taken to a shipping form to enter the necessary information like mailing addresses and tshirt sizes. Then we will wrap each gift and mail it for you, including a note written on your behalf. You can knock out all your shopping right here, and support a hard working indie rock band while you’re at it. 😉 It’s a win, win!

Option A- $9.95

boomchick wave logo shirtBuy a copy of our new album, “Waveship,” and we’ll send you a Boomchick t-shirt featuring our official logo! Your friend/family member will get a great album of original music, and you will get some cool Boomchick swag!

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Option B – $29.95

waveship tshirt

boomchick wave logo shirtOrder 3 copies of our album “Waveship,” and we’ll send you our original logo shirt PLUS a full-color tshirt featuring our “Waveship” album art! It’s eye-catching AF, and retails at $25. That means you’ll be getting/gifting $65 worth of merch for just $29.95!

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Option C – $49.95

boomchick wave logo shirt

waveship tshirt

What’s twice as awesome as giving your friend one album? Giving them TWO!

Boomchick waveship album cover shadow
boomchick joyland

Order 5 copies of our album “Waveship,” and we’ll double your gift by sending a copy of our album “Joyland” along with each “Waveship!” We’ll also send you our original logo tshirt, full-color “Waveship” tshirt, and a download of the original Boomchick EP from 2006!!

That’s $165 worth of merch for just $49.95!

Order now for just $49.95!