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To our fans who have been there from the beginning and given us the inspiration to keep going, and to those we’ve just met…We’re so grateful to have found you!

As our way of saying thanks, we want to offer you our “Bundle of Boom,” pictured below, for the one time price of just 20$ (+ shipping)!!

boomchick merch bundle

It starts with a full color WAVESHIP TSHIRT ($25 value all by itself!)! But then we go ahead and throw in physical cd’s of both “Waveship” and “Joyland,” including all the lyrics, liner notes, pictures, and original art!  And then we go on and add a collection of cool stickers and buttons (a 9$ value purchased separately), all featuring original Boomchick art, for just 20$ (+ shipping)!BOOM! Think of the gift-giving opportunities!

The covers of both “Joyland” and “Waveship” are mixed media paintings, by Wichita, KS artist Myrna Campbell, and Boomchick’s own Suzanne Benorden, respectively. The rest of the designs are also originals by Suzanne. All told, that’s 54$ worth of original art for the ONE TIME PRICE of just 20$ (+ shipping)!

But you have to act now.  So if you want all the music AND a TSHIRT AND the good stuff to go with it, i.e. lyrics, liner notes, photos, buttons and stickers featuring work by Boomchick’s own Suzanne Benorden, just click the order button below! Be sure to enter your tshirt size* and mailing address when you order below!


*tshirt sizes available: adult mens S-2XL.

“No thanks, I’d like to pass on this special one-time exclusive offer for Boomchick music + merch, and just enjoy the download I have already purchased.”