Boomchick is an award-winning indie punk band from Eugene, OR.

"Punchy, rockin' and totally infectious good tunes..."

"Punk with extra layers...very sexy...I love it!"

"Melodies that are likely to buzz around in your head for days...."

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Local Bands We Love, pt 3

For your web-surfing pleasure, we present some all time favorites from shows past.
Check them all out!
  • Station Wag What do you get when you cross Heart with Guns’N’Roses? You get a lead singer with pipes to die for (and bonus hilarious story-telling), backed by flying-guillotine fury. You. Will. Be. Rocked!
  • Demimonde Slumber Party Who can ever have enough sixties garage surf-punk? Core members Kim and Melissa keep it clever and killer. Riot-grrrl righteousness! Yes, please!
  • Dubious Funk rock in the house! Take some sick grooves, boss vocals and epic solos, and heat to a sizzle. They have a new single. Now, get up and dance!
  • The Underlings These awesome punks broke up a long time ago. But don’t despair! They’ve definitely landed on their punk-god feet. Guitarist Ed is now in Trouble Cuts, and bass dude David is with The Indiscretions. Lerve!
  • Dan Jones & The Squids Prolific indie garage punk singer-songwriter-guitarist Dan is always creating something new and inspiring. The garage has never been so lucky!
  • Stereo Minds This blues-rock duo holds it down, whether it’s stripped bare acoustic with hand drum, or world-class shredding with double-bass. (Fact: guitarist Austin briefly played with Boomchick. Just listen to his nasty solo on our song Operation Imperialism. 🤘)

Big thanks to all these bands, for the shows, the great work, and the friendship. Keep rocking!

Give them some love, won’t you? Please share, and comment below.

May music always bring you up when you’re down!


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