boomchickBoomchick is a 3-piece indie rock band from Eugene, OR.

Consisting of frontwoman Suzanne Benorden (pictured: center; guitar/vocals/writing), her first cousin Tom Thompson (pictured: left; bass/vocals/writing), and Bryan “Bunny” Sandling (pictured: right; drums/percussion/vocals), the trio make three pieces sound like a whole lot more with their tricky harmonies and tight, unusual arrangements.

While Suzanne does the bulk of the songwriting for Boomchick, Tom added an instant classic to their new album “Waveship” with his irresistible punk ditty “Wobbly the Seagull.” All the songs feature the trio’s collaborative arrangements and unexpected, intertwined vocal harmonies that simply set them apart. The vocals create a sonic shell game while clever lyrics and crunchy, original grooves keep listeners betting. Unpretentious and unpredictable, Boomchick keeps us rocking from start to finish, and everybody wins!

Suzanne and Tom hail from a richly musical family in Wichita, KS, which includes Suzanne’s brother, west coast blues harmonica standout Freddie Brooks (“One Little Word”). The pair joined forces as Boomchick in 2006 after years in other projects (Suzanne in Mighty Isis, Hollowbody and solo work, and Tom in the Bat Dogs and Van Wenda. The cousins also had an earlier brief incarnation as The Stiths.) Bunny joined them in 2010, fresh off the road with Uncle Nancy and the Family Jewels, with whom he still plays frequently.

Boomchick has a song in RockBand 3 (“TGTW”) and two others in Air Combat Vietnam (“With Any Chance” and “Operation Imperialism”) from their 2010 release Joyland.



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