Boomchick at Luckeys 2018
(photo by Adam Tamarkin)

5 killer bands we’ve played with in the past yearish. You’re welcome.

  1. Athiarchists. Take-no-prisoners metal from two pieces of absolute fury. Spontaneous and righteous AF. We can’t even.
  2. The Variants. Knock you off balance they will, with their unexpected, captivating indie rock!
  3. The Wild Jumps. Hoppy and yet not bitter, these incisive punk rockers bring the party with their engaging, tight set!
  4. Pirate Radio. Classic punk is alive and well and that makes us really happy! YEAH!
  5. Fox Medicine. This glam-art-rock duo holds it down with style to spare. Fox Medicine will steal your girlfriend.

It’s been a great year of music for us…

Who have YOU seen live this year?
Enjoy this badassery from the PNW and get to your local music venue STAT!
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