BoomchickIt was New Year’s Eve, 1999. The end of the world as we knew it. But we felt fine.

“We” were the usual large collection of family members, extended family, new and old friends, all convened at the most amazing place on Earth. Tom (Thompson, bass/vocals/”Wobbly” and my first cousin,) was there. It was unusually balmy for the middle of winter, and clear as an open prairie sky. We took turns playing music for each other from the front porch, looking out onto God’s secret amphitheater. Being a musical lot, this was an all day and all night affair. It waned on the porch only to ignite in the memorial garden or flare up in the house, between wrangling children and setting up food and contemplating our impending doom.

In the background, fireflies entranced, locusts hummed their asses off, and the oil rig sitting about 100 yards away kept up its constant industrial beat. The bonfire was being prepared. And prepared some more. By the time it was actually prepared, I’m sure it stood as tall as the house.

The sun went down in a blaze that set the wheat field on fire. Stars popped out of their holes in galactic masses never seen anywhere near civilization.

And then it happened.

Everything and everyone got quiet. Those who saw it first nudged the others to come look.

We practically tiptoed up the berm of the amphitheater in anticipation, and then our knees got weak in awe, as the immense white moon rose up. It spanned nearly the whole horizon, like being in the planetarium only real.

No one spoke. We were struck mute. It rose in our silence, lighting the property like daylight but with shadows.

After a while, just when it came to rest in a perspective our eyes could handle, we turned to the sound of whoops and hollers and the crackle and pop of fire coming to life behind us, and beheld the hugest backyard bonfire ever known to man.

And we toasted the moon, the fire, the stars, each other, and the light of another day.

Eventually, the magic of that night inspired a song. It’s called “Never Let U Down.” It was a finalist of Willamette Valley Music Festival’s new song contest, and is available for sale on our 2006 album “Boomchick,” but we want to give it to you for FREE-no strings attached- just for being one of our subscribers.

Download “Never Let U Down” here: NeverLetUDown

Then, consider checking out our new album, “Waveship.” We are insanely proud of this album, and think you might love it too!

Talk soon,

Suzanne, from Boomchick

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