Show of Hands: Who Went to Bible Camp?

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Bible camp saved my life as a kid. But not because of the Bible.

You see, Bible camp was a young lesbian’s dream come true. It had horses, for cryin’ out loud. And you could sign up to work with them, as your activity, and  help clean stalls and generally assist the head wrangler. And if you were a competent rider you could lead trail rides, and maybe even get to ride some on your own. Come on!

But it didn’t end there, no, it had an actual gymnasium for endless hours of basketball, soccer, canoeing, trampolines, swimming pool, pool table, ping-pong, tennis, softball, and my personal favorite, 4-square-soccer (that’s 4-square with your feet, bitches!).


Sure, there were the arduous Bible verse memorizations and the endless chapel sessions sweating buckets with no air conditioning trying to let the truth set us free, but it was worth it.

Then, oddly, as my personal truth started to show itself, it turned out to be a bit constricting.

But I was lucky. My family didn’t give a shit that I was gay. They knew before I did, and they never missed a beat. All I had to do was stop giving a shit too, and leave the hypocrites behind.

It isn’t quite so easy for a lot of kids.

Show of hands: How many people know someone who was disowned, or worse, for coming out?

When a friend from those camp days told me about her family’s very un”Christian” response to her coming out, I couldn’t help it. I wrote a song. It is available for download on the video game RockBand and for sale on our 2010 album “Joyland,”. The song is called “TGTW”, which stands for “There Goes The World.”

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Know what? if you’ve gotten this far, we know you’re a keeper. Thanks for making it all matter!!!

Talk soon,

Suzanne, from Boomchick

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