Local Bands We Love

Here is a list of some kick-ass local and regional bands that you should totally check out!

Been meaning to do this for a long time. Alrighty then!

In order of most recent introduction:

the Shifts.

These kids have it dialed. Watch out , they are polished, garagey, and comin at ya! Weezer meets Metric.

Pale People

Whoa. Hailing from Missoula, MT, these cats will make ya go “hmm?” and spend the next hour of your life happily glued to their original rock mastery. Neutral Milk Hotel meets Primus? Nuts!


Ok, disclaimer: there are other “coldfire” entities out there to confuse you. This is the indie rock music one, from Eugene!

Crazy indie-punk/new wave rockers who get hotter and hotter with every song in their set! Talking Heads meets Pearl Jam! Just, good!


What’s in the water up in Missoula, MT? (Oh, probably just…pure water) Bass chords and sweet female/male vocal trades = tight indie rock-ness all over the place! the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Yeah!

the Indiscretions

Holy Mama Cass, Beth Ditto! Samantha got pipes and she knows how to use them! Her band more than holds it down, too, featuring an Underling amidst the Soothesayer crew. F-u-n ass shaking 60’s style punk!

This is but a small sample of the bands rockin’ our town on a weekly basis. Gonna try to keep the list goin’, cuz indie rock is a labor of ❤️.  So check these bands out and give ’em some!

Aren’t we lucky here in the Eug?

Who have you seen lately that blew you away? Tell us in the comments!

As always, thank you for flying with Boomchick!




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